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East of the Moon, West of the Sun – part 9: Armenia’s Roof

This is the story of my 5-month eastern journey through Turkey, Georgia, Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Nagorno Karabakh and Iran. Go to: “Part 8: Republicans” To recapitulate the first 100 days: For a number of reasons my journey so far looked like a sleepwalker’s rambling – Bulgaria-Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan-Georgia-Armenia-Nagorno Karabakh-Armenia-Georgia-Turkey-Georgia-Abkhazia-Georgia-Armenia – and it […]

Surfer’s Technique – part 5: Colombiana

“Surfer’s Technique” is a story about my 5-month long South American journey – Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru,  Ecuador and Colombia. Go to “Part 4: In the Middle Earth” After an easy (and thorough) month-long tour of Ecuador, including trekking, beaches, crater lakes and exotic wildlife, I crossed in Colombia, knowing […]