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Category Archives: On the (Cross)Road

Where the world is young, and the stars closer

This is the second part of the story about our 4-month South American journey. It is about our travel around Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil. Go to “Part one” >> After the first 50 days and more than 10 000 km. hitchhiking around Patagonia, sleeping frequently in a tent or Couchsurfing, our journey continues in Peru. Here we finally came across a standard of living similar to ours in Bulgaria. We took the first bus with great pleasure. We could just relax and go to sleep, talk or read a book – unattainable “luxury” while we were hitchhiking. Moreover we stopped […]

A journey of 10 000 miles

This is first part of the story of our South American journey – 10 000 miles of hitchhiking through Patagonia.   Аt the beginning of December 2012, after months of preparation and planning, we landed at the Buenos Aires airport. We didn’tt know any Spanish (they barely speak English there) and we had no idea where we will sleep tonight. We plunged straight into the deep. After a walk around the hostels in the city, we settled in the cheapest. “KMO” or at least so we were reading it until we realized it’s “km. 0” (kilometer zero) – the perfect […]