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The Other Side

 От другата страна / The Other Side 29.11.2017  – 27.01.2018 English: That’s what our 2-month journey around the furthest from Bulgaria place on Earth – New Zealand – looks like:  around 4 000 km. of hitchhiking, one domestic flight and not a single bus. But missing on the map are the […]

East of the Moon, West of the Sun

East of the Moon, West of the Sun /  На изток – в нощ, на запад – в ден 01.05.2016  – 19.09.2016 English: That’s what my last 5-month Asian walking/hitchhiking adventure looked like. The map shows 5 countries (Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran) and 2 (somewhat) autonomous republics (Nagorno Karabakh, Abkhasia), […]