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Through my (contact)lenses – part 1: Rila Mountain, Bulgaria

The beauty of Rila Mountain, Bulgaria in a few sentences and photographs as I’ve seen it through my (contanct) lenses.


I find it proper to start the series “Through my (contact)lenses” with the highest mountain on the Balkans and the first picture to be its major peak – Mt. Musala (2925 m.) – an incredibly energizing place.

Rila Mountain 01

I highly recommend Ivan Vazov hut during the winter to the seeking solitude trekkers. It’s possible that you’ll be the first people the hut-keeper sees in more than 2 weeks.

Rila Mountain 02

The Malyovitsa ridge is one the most Alpine-looking in Rila Mountain, and it’s main peak – one of the most frequently climbed even in winter.

Rila Mountain 03

The Seven Rila Lakes hardly need introduction. The place is beautiful, but, because of the lift, overexploited and the summer crowds are more suitable for malls than mountains. However, most people do not reach the point, from where you can fit in one frame all seven sapphire lakes.

Rila Mountain 04

According to me the trek between Granchar hut and Belmeken Dam is unique for Bulgaria. It passes through a high mountain plateau and in winter some even liken it to Antarctica.

Rila Mountain 05

One of the worst storms in my life caught us trying to get to Ivan Vazov hut. Because of the brutal blizzard, the deep snow and the almost zero visibility, the 3 km. gentle descent took us more than 3 hours and if it was not for the only girl in our group – my girlfriend Tatyana, – who took the lead and made a trail in the last section, both Krum and I would never make it to the hut.

Rila Mountain 06

Again together with Krum, as one of the very few people fool enough to follow me, benighted at this strange place – the Roosters – just in the right time to make this shot. The subsequent night ascent of The Eagle Peak and the descent to the BAC shelter on icy terrain is not for the faint-hearted.

Rila Mountain 07

This frame goes to show that it is not all about the place and but the perspective. I called it “The Rise of the Ice age Caveman”.

Rila Mountain 08

You should know that  there are also forests in Rila Mountain. After a nice snowfall the landscape is like out of a fairy tale.

Rila Mountain 09

What would a collection of my pictures be without at least one sunset?!

Rila Mountain 10

Spring turns the mountain slopes into a colored carpet.

Rila Mountain 12

It is still a refuge for wild animals …

Rila Mountain 13

… and crazy people 🙂

Rila Mountain 14

I will conclude with a more panoramic view of Rila Mountan, seen from Suhodolski pass in Pirin Mountain.

Rila Mountain 15

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