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Through my (contact)lenses – part 2: Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria

The beauty of Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria in a few sentences and photographs as I’ve seen it through my (contanct) lenses.

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When 2000 years ago by an imperial decree Serdica was given the status of a self-governing city, the extinct Skopius volcano had been already towering above its territory for more than 70 million years. I have to admit that for a mountain that I see every time I leave home and which I can reach by a regular city bus, Vitosha is undeservedly overlooked. Perhaps because of its accessibility and its relative compactness, allowing the crossing of the array in a single day, it draws my attention only on those rare occasions when I do not have plans for something more distant. For this reason, my collection of photographs of Sofia’s “Vesuvius” is relatively limited.

Our capital, grown too much since Thracian times, looks much more beautiful when viewed from the top of the mountain.


Winter fog and frost turn the buildings on top of Black Peak in ice-cream houses, …


…  mythical creatures roam in this ghostly landscape, …


… and this wizard – the wind – creates fairy figures.


The warm rays of the spring sun bring nature back to life …


… and even snakes terminated their hibernation.


After all that’s been said so far, I think it is time for a walk.

Vitosha Mountain_07

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